How the Little #BossGirl Learned To Share (But Still Does Things Her Way.)

 Original 48x48 acrylic painting on canvas

Original 48x48 acrylic painting on canvas

When I was seven, I remember coming home from a birthday party only to make a shocking discovery. My friend, Julie, who was visiting from out of town. was using MY brand new easel. How dare she! I had to quickly give her a firm lecture on how NOT to get paint on it, etc, etc. I don't remember all the rude details except my mother correcting me to not be so bossy. I now tell that story to my elementary school art students fighting over crayons as an example of how it's hard to share, but we must learn to do it. 

While learning to play nice in the art studio (and other places as well) is an important lesson in life, there's nothing wrong with having your own space to spread out the paper and markers -- where a little brother or sister won't disrupt your creative genius that's drawing stick figures. My mother gave me "this space" as a child by putting a white formica table down in the basement for me to have fun doing art and not worry about making a mess. And in so doing, she sent me a most important message for life. It's not just okay, but it's important to follow your dreams.

I may be all grown-up today, but the seven year old who colored every flower magenta and wanted to be her own #BossGirl is still here by my side. And while, hopefully I've learned to share a little better, I'm reminded today of that "bossy" seven year old girl who was passionate about managing her art supplies and making art her way. 

She hasn't changed much. In fact, she's still here by my side. Every day when I sketch and sip coffee, she lives in me and encourages me to stay young at heart, follow my dreams and keep on creating. It's such a wonderful feeling to have her with me that I want other girls to have her support, too. That's why I created her alter ego. Chloe Pink is the original #BossGirl who encourages every young girl to take charge of her own life, believe in herself and follow her dreams. With her BFF, Pete the Scottish Terrier mutt by her side, Chloe Pink has all the support she needs to dream it, do it and be happy. And she wants the same for you and every girl, too.