Dream It. Do It. Be Happy. Then, Just Add Honey.

Thank you to Brandi Shelton for lending Chloe Pink her bright and sunny tea shop - Just Add Honey - for last Saturday's tea party and book signing of The Chloe Pink and Brooklyn Doodle & Dream Coloring Book. If you like tea and happen to be in the Old Fourth Ward/Sweet Auburn District or near downtown, Brandi's shop is a must-see! In a farmer's marketish venue with ample space, huge big windows, a bar and cute tables to sit, you'll want to hang out there all morning long as we did. Or you can take your tea to go in a cute paper cup that comes with a cool filtered lid. Not only is it a wonderful spot for being creative, coloring and writing - as you can see by the pictures with me and the incredible group of girls aged 6 to 60 (plus one cute boy, Coach B) - you will LOVE the tea whether it's herbal, black, chai or what-not, Brandi has selected and blended the tastiest flavors. Try Black Coconut, Earl Grey Cream or Vanilla Chai. Yummy! XO, CP