Chloe Pink Makes A Cartoon Splash On "Be Leaderly," Women's Leadership Blog

Decatur, Georgia -- Sharna Fulton, creator of Chloe Pink was honored when one of her female empowerment cartoons, "Puddle" was selected and published on today. More Chloe Pink cartoons will run on the women's leadership blog in the months ahead. 

Be Leaderly is the online blog and brainchild of Jo Miller that 'offers career strategies to help you lead, climb and thrive as a rising woman of influence.' As a leading authority on women's leadership herself, Ms. Miller is a dynamic and sought-after women's conference speaker. Her company, Women's Leadership Coaching, Inc. offers workshops, webinars and coaching programs for emerging women leaders. 

"I'm thrilled to have my art selected for Jo's blog," said Sharna Fulton. "The goal of Chloe Pink is to inspire and motivate girls of all ages to follow their dreams and that is exactly what "Be Leaderly" does. Not only is Chloe Pink lucky to be in such great company with the teachings of Jo and other talented contributors, is beautifully designed, too." 

When asked why Be Leaderly chose Chloe Pink for it's prized "Monday Quote Spot," Jo Miller said, "I think Chloe Pink has great life wisdom. She's playful and curious and represents the little girl inside us all." 

"I feel like we're on a similar path," added Ms. Fulton. "Because empowered 'Chloe Pink' little girls grow up to become empowered 'Be Leaderly' women." 

Chloe Pink™ is a character/brand property and the world’s youngest business coach for girls. Wearing her pink baseball cap and with her assistant, Pete, the scottie by her side, Chloe Pink knows a thing or two about pursuing her dreams. And encourages all girls to do the same. For art licensing partnerships in the women's and girls gift and apparel industry, please contact © Copyright Sharna Fulton. All rights reserved. 

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