A very Chloe Pink-like poem for you

Thanks to Michelle Bud, a 12 year old 6th grader at Lilburn Middle School for submitting her poem, "Beauty" to the Chloe Pink blog. I really want to share it with you because of its totally Chloe Pink-like message. As for Michelle, she's been following her dream - another "Chloe Pink-like thing" - of writing since the age of 5. She says she wrote this poem "to get out that you can't rate a person's beauty." (Evidently, that's something middle schoolers do.) So, without further ado...here's Michelle's gorgeous poem. I hope you're inspired by it as much as I am. Sincerely, Sharna

Beauty by MIchelle Bud

Beauty is not something you can rate.

It's not a contest waiting to be won.

Beauty is something that is both inside, and out.

It's something that you see in nature, something you see in someone’s eyes, like the girl with tiny freckles all over her face, that you saw on the subway.

Beauty is not a rate for your approval.

Beauty is the fresh white winter snow that has just fallen, and has not been touched.

But beauty is not a rate, not man nor woman can decide, my beauty, or someone else's beauty because, the true beauty, is on the inside.