How the Little #BossGirl Learned To Share (But Still Does Things Her Way.)

 Original 48x48 acrylic painting on canvas

Original 48x48 acrylic painting on canvas

When I was seven, I remember coming home from a birthday party only to make a shocking discovery. My friend, Julie, who was visiting from out of town. was using MY brand new easel. How dare she! I had to quickly give her a firm lecture on how NOT to get paint on it, etc, etc. I don't remember all the rude details except my mother correcting me to not be so bossy. I now tell that story to my elementary school art students fighting over crayons as an example of how it's hard to share, but we must learn to do it. 

While learning to play nice in the art studio (and other places as well) is an important lesson in life, there's nothing wrong with having your own space to spread out the paper and markers -- where a little brother or sister won't disrupt your creative genius that's drawing stick figures. My mother gave me "this space" as a child by putting a white formica table down in the basement for me to have fun doing art and not worry about making a mess. And in so doing, she sent me a most important message for life. It's not just okay, but it's important to follow your dreams.

I may be all grown-up today, but the seven year old who colored every flower magenta and wanted to be her own #BossGirl is still here by my side. And while, hopefully I've learned to share a little better, I'm reminded today of that "bossy" seven year old girl who was passionate about managing her art supplies and making art her way. 

She hasn't changed much. In fact, she's still here by my side. Every day when I sketch and sip coffee, she lives in me and encourages me to stay young at heart, follow my dreams and keep on creating. It's such a wonderful feeling to have her with me that I want other girls to have her support, too. That's why I created her alter ego. Chloe Pink is the original #BossGirl who encourages every young girl to take charge of her own life, believe in herself and follow her dreams. With her BFF, Pete the Scottish Terrier mutt by her side, Chloe Pink has all the support she needs to dream it, do it and be happy. And she wants the same for you and every girl, too.

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Creator of Chloe Pink, Sharna Fulton makes list of 6 Georgia Children's Authors You'll Fall In Love With!

Wow! Right next to New York Times Best Seller, Pete the Cat is Pete the dog and her #BossGirl human BFF, Chloe Pink and their 3 coloring books to empower girls. We are thrilled and honored to make this list by Joyce Brewer of the Mommy Talk Show.

Chloe Pink is the seven year old girl in each of us and she’s here to cheer you on daily with her messages of hope, encouragement and success tips for life.
— Joyce Brewer, Mommy Talk Show

Dream It. Do It. Be Happy. Then, Just Add Honey.

Thank you to Brandi Shelton for lending Chloe Pink her bright and sunny tea shop - Just Add Honey - for last Saturday's tea party and book signing of The Chloe Pink and Brooklyn Doodle & Dream Coloring Book. If you like tea and happen to be in the Old Fourth Ward/Sweet Auburn District or near downtown, Brandi's shop is a must-see! In a farmer's marketish venue with ample space, huge big windows, a bar and cute tables to sit, you'll want to hang out there all morning long as we did. Or you can take your tea to go in a cute paper cup that comes with a cool filtered lid. Not only is it a wonderful spot for being creative, coloring and writing - as you can see by the pictures with me and the incredible group of girls aged 6 to 60 (plus one cute boy, Coach B) - you will LOVE the tea whether it's herbal, black, chai or what-not, Brandi has selected and blended the tastiest flavors. Try Black Coconut, Earl Grey Cream or Vanilla Chai. Yummy! XO, CP

Westword Article Helps Spread Chloe Pink's Encouragement To Girls In Denver

Westword Article Helps Spread Chloe Pink's Encouragement To Girls In Denver

“What I try to do is encourage girls through the arts because I think it makes them more confident and helps them understand themselves better,” she says. “I think we are all creative,” continues Fulton. Especially elementary school girls: “They love to color and write, and that builds the self confidence needed to express yourself. With art, there is no wrong answer.” 

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Chloe Pink Makes A Cartoon Splash On "Be Leaderly," Women's Leadership Blog

Decatur, Georgia -- Sharna Fulton, creator of Chloe Pink was honored when one of her female empowerment cartoons, "Puddle" was selected and published on today. More Chloe Pink cartoons will run on the women's leadership blog in the months ahead. 

Be Leaderly is the online blog and brainchild of Jo Miller that 'offers career strategies to help you lead, climb and thrive as a rising woman of influence.' As a leading authority on women's leadership herself, Ms. Miller is a dynamic and sought-after women's conference speaker. Her company, Women's Leadership Coaching, Inc. offers workshops, webinars and coaching programs for emerging women leaders. 

"I'm thrilled to have my art selected for Jo's blog," said Sharna Fulton. "The goal of Chloe Pink is to inspire and motivate girls of all ages to follow their dreams and that is exactly what "Be Leaderly" does. Not only is Chloe Pink lucky to be in such great company with the teachings of Jo and other talented contributors, is beautifully designed, too." 

When asked why Be Leaderly chose Chloe Pink for it's prized "Monday Quote Spot," Jo Miller said, "I think Chloe Pink has great life wisdom. She's playful and curious and represents the little girl inside us all." 

"I feel like we're on a similar path," added Ms. Fulton. "Because empowered 'Chloe Pink' little girls grow up to become empowered 'Be Leaderly' women." 

Chloe Pink™ is a character/brand property and the world’s youngest business coach for girls. Wearing her pink baseball cap and with her assistant, Pete, the scottie by her side, Chloe Pink knows a thing or two about pursuing her dreams. And encourages all girls to do the same. For art licensing partnerships in the women's and girls gift and apparel industry, please contact © Copyright Sharna Fulton. All rights reserved. 

To book or find out more about Jo Miller's keynote presentations, click here. 

Chloe Pink is off to Vegas, baby!

It's official. Thank you Southwest Airlines. Chloe Pink and Pete and her creator, Sharna Fulton will soon we'll be soaring off to the 2015 Licensing Expo June 9-11! We can't wait to pack our powder pink luggage, jump into a taxi, get Starbucks at the airport and make many friends along the way during our adventure to Sin City. I mean...what's so wrong about a seven year old girl - Chloe Pink - following her dreams by sipping lemonade and nibbling on chocolate chip cookies poolside at the Bellagio? Just look for a little girl with a pink swimsuit, pink flippers, pink flip flops and giant Jackie O sunglasses with a little gray scottie terrier sitting next to her. If you're an agent or manufacturer and would like to say hi, please email

The Chloe Pink Art of the Heart Song

So you gotta blank page.
What ya gonna do?
It's a whole new day.
No time to be blue.

Erase your fears.
Just imagine what can be.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Imagine who you'll be.

Pencil in a dream.
Sketch it out.
Make the lines bolder.
Forget your doubt.

Erase your fears.
Just imagine what can be.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Imagine who you'll be.

Color the world with love.
Use elbow grease.
Dip your brush.
Paint a little peace.

Cuz you know you gotta erase your fears.
Just imagine what can be.
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
Imagine who you'll be.

Cut and paste a smiley face.
Spread glitter glue.
It's the art of your heart.
You've created you.

Copyright Sharna Fulton 2014. All rights reserved.



A very Chloe Pink-like poem for you

Thanks to Michelle Bud, a 12 year old 6th grader at Lilburn Middle School for submitting her poem, "Beauty" to the Chloe Pink blog. I really want to share it with you because of its totally Chloe Pink-like message. As for Michelle, she's been following her dream - another "Chloe Pink-like thing" - of writing since the age of 5. She says she wrote this poem "to get out that you can't rate a person's beauty." (Evidently, that's something middle schoolers do.) So, without further's Michelle's gorgeous poem. I hope you're inspired by it as much as I am. Sincerely, Sharna

Beauty by MIchelle Bud

Beauty is not something you can rate.

It's not a contest waiting to be won.

Beauty is something that is both inside, and out.

It's something that you see in nature, something you see in someone’s eyes, like the girl with tiny freckles all over her face, that you saw on the subway.

Beauty is not a rate for your approval.

Beauty is the fresh white winter snow that has just fallen, and has not been touched.

But beauty is not a rate, not man nor woman can decide, my beauty, or someone else's beauty because, the true beauty, is on the inside.